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Zareer Patell

What are the three things that drive people to persistently perform well?

Passion, Hard work and Consistency!

“Consistency” is the key when it comes to workouts – whether you walk or workout in the morning, afternoon or in the evening – before a meal or after a meal – it doesn’t generally matter if you are new to fitness as long as you workout on a daily basis. Select a convenient timing that works for you.

But if you are a seasoned athlete and have been working out for years – and with the passage of time (age), then timing (before or after a meal) becomes very important in terms of optimising your blood sugar levels around your workout sessions.

Before a meal
If you are doing resistance training then working out before a meal (late morning before lunch or early evening before dinner) is best because weight training primes your muscle cells to become insulin sensitive. Meaning, you will need less amount of insulin to drive nutrients into your cells – preventing sugar and insulin spikes.

After a meal
A low intensity steady workout like “walking” is best done after a meal to increase your blood glucose clearance. Walking at a slow pace for 10 to 15 minutes will help you dip your blood glucose and this prevents the conversion of glucose into fat.

Other benefits are: Improve digestion, may reduce risk of heart disease, help maintain a healthy weight, and promote better sleep patterns as well.

Zareer Patell- Black Belt, Personal / Fitness Trainer, Fitness Columnist & Consultant on Call (since 1972).

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The fabled fountain of youth has become a reality. Centuries ago, Ponce de Leon went chasing after it & started a trend that exists to this day. The waters of the Bahamas & Florida that de Leon believed could restore health & youth – although nice to swim in – didn’t quite cut it. You can also forget about finding the answer on some mountaintop.

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