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Zareer Patell

If you want to live long and healthy then stop stuffing food in your mouth several times a day.

Space out your meals so that you give enough down time for your liver to detox the muck you have been accumulating daily – over time.

Meaning, there should be at least a time gap of 14 to 17 hrs between your last meal of the day and your next day breakfast.

However, for those with dire need of losing those extra pounds or for people who have difficulty in managing their insulin resistance can all together skip breakfast and directly go in for an early lunch instead.

This way your digestive tract will have enough time to repair and heal. Your physiology will now begin to start emptying the pantry on a daily basis by processing your body’s stored fat for energy.

You will lose weight, feel light, and you will be left with pleanty of sustainable energy for your daily chores. You can effortlessly manage your blood sugars and insulin as well. This will in turn, reduce inflammation in your body and you will live for another day – fully satisfied!

Zareer Patell – Black Belt, Personal/Fitness Trainer, Fitness Columnist since 1972

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The fabled fountain of youth has become a reality. Centuries ago, Ponce de Leon went chasing after it & started a trend that exists to this day. The waters of the Bahamas & Florida that de Leon believed could restore health & youth – although nice to swim in – didn’t quite cut it. You can also forget about finding the answer on some mountaintop.

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