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It doesn’t take a scientist to say that human bodies are all variations on a theme: one head and for most part the same four limbs and other body parts in the same places. But we come in all shapes and sizes.
However, a body mass index (BMI) of 25 is overweight, and over 30 is obese – both being considered unhealthy – and especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle and habits that include smoking, alcohol and diet rich in sugar, fat, and processed food, then you are also cutting down the number of years you will live – genetics, disease, and medications can become other contributing factors as well.
As early humans migrated to different environments, they evolved with body shapes and sizes that helped them survive in hot and cold climates. But today, our food and lifestyle play more of a role in shaping us than the environment.
Obesity is a low-grade inflammatory disorder leading to myriad metabolic issues. Many are realising the need to get active and change their lifestyle pursuits. Many have succeeded in losing weight but plenty more out there find it impossible to go past the weight-loss plateau, however hard they try.
In such cases this can be considered normal due to genetic propensities and other factors. So don’t worry and get stressed. Continue with your workouts and continue to eat right because:
It’s a well-known scientific fact that an overweight person who exercises regularly and is fit will most certainly outlive a lean person who has never worked out in his life!
Zareer Patell- Black Belt, Personal / Online Fitness Trainer and Wellness Columnist (since 1972).

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The fabled fountain of youth has become a reality. Centuries ago, Ponce de Leon went chasing after it & started a trend that exists to this day. The waters of the Bahamas & Florida that de Leon believed could restore health & youth – although nice to swim in – didn’t quite cut it. You can also forget about finding the answer on some mountaintop.

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